About 3U PhD Hub

The 3U PhD Hub lists current research opportunities available to prospective PhD students within the 3U partner Institutions.

The 3U PhD Hub  is a collaborative endeavour of 3U Partnership, a  force in Irish higher education that combines the complementary strengths of DCU, Maynooth University and RCSI.

3U PhD Hub Services

The 3U PhD Hub team offers a matching service that helps PhD candidates find the right PhD programme and supervisor in one of our three Partner Institutions – DCU, Maynooth University or RCSI.  We provide advice to graduates about what is required to apply to a particular PhD programme, what it is like to study in one of our 3U Partner Institutions.  We also advise if there may be any PhD funding opportunities or scholarships available to support students during their studies.

The 3U PhD Hub is an opportunity to advertise research PhD opportunities to an international audience of students.

As the 3U PhD Hub is actively managed by our 3U Team, we aim to ensure that all enquiries for PhD opportunities have been vetted and are serious in their intent.  We aim to do a preliminary vetting of applicants academic qualifications to ensure that only students that meet the relevant requirements of a PhD project are forwarded for consideration by a Principal Investigator.  Both funded and unfunded PhD positions can be advertised through the 3U PhD Hub. The aim is to widen the pool of applicants to the international market to ensure that you get to choose the best.